Year: 2005

Commissioned by: Haus für Elektronische Künste Basel

Four hacked live webcam streams are projected onto architectural models of the very same place, using a custom made mirror construction

A factory gate in Ghana, a landing stage on the Cayman Islands, a marketplace in the Netherlands and a laundromat, whose geographical position is unknown. Webcam streams from these different continents and time zones are used in the installation "Roermond-Ecke-Tropical Gate" by Markus Kison to connect the places in a poetic way. The four live videos are projected onto exact miniatures of the very same places. Thus "live-models" of distant worlds are created, which we can perceive three-dimensional and even touch. The model becomes a stage or even alive. We take part in the foreign everyday life of unaware protagonists.

Developed in the Digital Media Class at the University of the Arts Berlin.

Accra, Ghana
Unknown laundromat (early morning) and Accra (night)
Cayman Islands
Exhibition view
Polaroid prototype


Year: 2010

Commissioned by: .HBC Berlin

Collaboration with Daniel Franke

A camera fixed on the concrete cube sculpture recognizes the presence of human faces within its scope. With a randomized choice it will focus on one of the bystanders and adjust its movement to his; tracking the eye movements of the viewer, a software computes the corresponding angle of view projecting onto the cube the very section of the space the sculpture is blocking from the viewers eye; thus making the cube appear transparent. The video sculpture Durchsehen, Exp. 01 (augmented perspective) overwrites the common notion of perspective and plays with the significance of perspective in an art historical perspective; the work of art evades the gaze of the viewer or rather: the two are equated. The gaze of the observer coincides with the object of observance in a piece that also draws a line to former strategies of dealing with vision and depiction: the renaissance praxis of painting on glass. Through the real-time projection on the cube a 3dimensional depiction of 2dimensionality occurs; the catoptric turns dioptric. The framing plane of the conventional video image becomes fragmented as work and reality intertwine in an augmented perspective.

anamorphic projections in combination with face tracking to compute POV
concrete cube with projections and motor controlled tracking cam