With a background in digital media art, I develop and produce computational artifacts and interactive experiences with a high expertise in 3D printing, industrial milling and glass manufacturing. My ideas manifest in preproduction prototypes, design fiction products, physical simulations, digital augmented sculptures, public space memorials, functional renderings or minimal interactive infographics. So far I worked for PCH Innovations, Cartier International, VW, Denso, AUDI, Axel Springer, National Art Center Tokyo, V2_, Ars Electronica Center.

I have exhibited in various museums worldwide, received international awards and given talks at art and design conferences.

I live and work in Berlin.

1998-2001 Educated as a graphic designer in Ulm
2002-2003 Studies on physics at the University of Ulm
2003-2008 Studies on visual communication at the University of the Arts Berlin (Prof. Joachim Sauter, Prof. Jussi Ängeslevä). Graduated with diploma.