Commissioned by PCH Innovations

In this longterm research project I was commissoned to harness the poetry of light. The result is a unique caustic technology that allows to engineer metal mosaics, customized to reflect hidden words, images and meaning when illuminated by a light source.
The project was originally initiated by PCH Innovations & Art+Com Studios.

A lock with facette surface.
                The surface reflects an image of a key onto the table surface.

Every object reveals a secret.

Close up of the facette surface with hundrets of mirrors.

Hundreds of micro mirrors redirect beams of light create an ephemeral illustration.

Multipe objects like blocks or figures which all contain a facette surface in some of their shapes.

In multiple experiments I researched on materials and possible light amplification.

A small cube with a very small facette surface which projects the letter 1.

Experiments with a minimal number of mirrors.

A small cube with a very small facette surface inside a vice.

Due to ultra precision milling machines, the size of a single mirror can be as small as 0.5 x 0.5 mm.

A rendered image of a facette surface which reflects the word LOVE

Reflection simulation before milling.

A facette surface which projects the word Carla.

This birthday present consists of ~1300 mirrors at 0.75 x 0.75mm size with a light amplification of up to 7.